By Kendi Latoya

The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012 provides that an immigration officer shall not issue a dependant's pass unless he or she is satisfied that:

a) the person, on whose behalf the application is made, depends on the person making the application for his or her maintenance;

b) the dependant is a spouse or child of the applicant or is by reason of age, disability or any incapacity unable to maintain himself adequately or for some other reason relies upon the applicant for his or her maintenance; and

c) the applicant has an income sufficient to enable him or her to maintain and continue to maintain the dependant for the duration of the dependant’s stay in the country.

The Dependant’s pass is issued to persons who are Dependants of:

  • Kenya Citizens
  • Permit holders
  • Exempted persons
  • Permanent residents
  • The following are the necessary requirements to enable one obtain a Dependant’s pass:

    1. Duly filled and signed Form 28 - Dependant Pass, which should be filled online, printed out and signed;

    2. Detailed and Signed Cover letter from the applicant addressed to the Director of Immigration Services;

    3. Two (2) recent colored passport size photographs of the dependant;

    4. Copy of a valid national passport / National ID for both the applicant and the Dependant;

    5. Evidence of the relationship between the applicant and the dependant, being a Copy of Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate e.t.c;

    6. Proof of sufficient and assured income to sustain self and the dependant;

    7. Processing fee of K.shs. 5, 000.00.

    Once the application and all supporting documents listed above are received by the Authority, an immigration officer shall after considering the application made issue a dependant's pass in Form 29 which shall entitle the dependant in respect of whom it is issued to enter into Kenya within the period specified in the pass and to remain in Kenya during the validity of the pass.

    Please note that this pass does not entitle the holder to receive education or training at an educational or training establishment, engage in employment, business or trade whether paid or unpaid or in any other income generating activity within Kenya.It is an offence for the dependant to engage in employment or other income generating activity.

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