Subdivision of land process in Kenya

By Kendi Latoya

What is Land Sub-division?

Sub-division is the process of dividing one parcel of land into two or more parts.

Step by step process of Subdividing Land in Kenya

The process commences by preparation of a sub-division scheme by a duly registered physical planner with a valid license from the Physical Planners’ Registration Board. Once this is done, an application for sub-division is done at the relevant Sub county planning office with the following accompanying documents: -

1. Duly filled Form PPA1;
2. Certificate of official Search;
3. Ownership documents;
4. Registry Index Map (RIM)/ Survey Map;
5. Copy of payment receipt for land rates and Rates Clearance certificate;
6. Copy of the physical planners practising certificate;
7. Land Control Board consent to sub-divide the land;
8. Four copies of sub-division scheme plan signed by the physical planner and the developer.

The Subdivision scheme is then circulated to various county departments and Government agencies for evaluation purposes. The same includes the below:

a. County Land Survey office where beacons and boundaries are confirmed. Road reservations and alignments are evaluated.
b. County planning office, where they check for zoning compliance, planning standards and specifications.
c. County Roads Directorate
d. County valuation Directorate, where they evaluate the rating and valuation status and Public land verification.
e. County Environment Directorate
f. NEMA/WARMA where environmental considerations are taken into account
g. KRC/KAA where railway and aviation considerations are taken into account
h. Ministry of Defence where Military considerations are taken into account.

Once the above is done, it reaches the approval stage. The County planning Committee issues the approvals. This is communicated through the County Director of physical planning through the form PPA2. The approvals issued are usually conditional and are binding on the owner, successors and permitted assigns.

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